Team Imara

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Michel Parent [ Team Leader ]
Arnaud de La Fortelle [ ENSMP, Vice Team Leader ]
Philippe Deschamp [ CR ]
André Ducrot [ DR ]
Thierry Ernst
Guy Fayolle [ DR emeritus, HdR ]
Jean-Marc Lasgouttes [ CR ]
Fawzi Nashashibi [ ENSMP, HdR ]

Faculty Member

Gwenaëlle Toulminet [ on leave from INSA-Rouen until September ]

External Collaborator

Cyril Furtlehner [ CR TAO (INRIA Saclay) ]

Technical Staff

Armand Yvet [ AI ]
Samer Ammoun
Ines Ben Jemaa [ since October ]
Laurent Bouraoui [ until March ]
Clement Boussard
François Charlot
Alejandro Chinea Manrique De Lara [ until March ]
JinHyeock Choi [ On leave from SAMSUNG–Korea until February ]
Olivier Garcia [ until February ]
Carlos Holguin
Paulo Lopes Resende
Tony Noel
Jianping Xie [ since May ]
Hongliang Zhang

PhD Student

Yann Dumortier [ until May ]
Hao Li
Jennie Lioris
Mohamed Marouf
Victorin Martin [ since December ]
Luis Alfredo Martinez-Gomez
Olivier Mehani
Manabu Tsukada

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Yacine Khaled
Maxim Samsonov [ since October ]

Administrative Assistant

Chantal Chazelas [ SAR ]


Diogo De Souza Dutra
Oumar Baba Diakhate [ Master 2 internship from April to September ]
Jong-Hyouk Lee
Satoru Noguchi


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