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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

FP7-NMP CP-IP 213968-2 IRIS

Participants : Michael Döhler, Laurent Mevel, Xuan Binh Lam.

See modules  4.2 , 5.1 .

Contract INRIA 3947

I4S is involved in the core consortium of FP7-NMP Large Scale Integrated Project IRIS (Integrated European Industrial Risk Reduction System ), which helds its kick off meeting in October 2008. This project has been elaborated within the framework of the SAMCO association (see module  8.1 ). I4S is involved in the online monitoring sub-project.

A new PhD student, Xuan Binh Lam, has started from November 1st, 2008, willing to work on safety related work for risk control, especially for monitoring of transient events.

The FP7 IRIS project about Risk assessment involves 40 partners and is headed by Helmut Wenzel, VCE (Austria). INRIA is involved in Group 3 about Structural Health Monitoring. I4S works with Sheffield University and BAM (Germany) for development of tools for structural damage detection for bridges and wind farms. Laurent Mevel is also member of the core IRIS Vision group, and is responsible of the scientific coherency of the project.


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