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Section: Software

COSMAD: Modal analysis and health monitoring Scilab toolbox

Participants : Laurent Mevel [ corresponding person ] , Neil Babou, Maurice Goursat.

With the help of Yann Veillard, Auguste Sam and Simon Berger, former engineers, Laurent Mevel and Maurice Goursat have developed a Scilab toolbox devoted to modal analysis and vibration monitoring of structures or machines subjected to known or ambient (unknown) excitation   [48] , [47] .

This software (COSMAD 3.64) has been registered at the APP under the number


and can be down-loaded from . A list of test-cases (simulators, laboratory test-beds, real structures) for which COSMAD has been used is available from .

COSMAD performs the following tasks :

The modules have been tested by different partners, especially the French industrial partners, EADS, Dassault and Sopemea, within the FliTE2 project (see module  7.1 ), by partners from the past CONSTRUCTIF project

[52] and [53] , and within the framework of bilateral contracts with SNECMA and SVIBS (see modules  7.6 and  7.7 ).

This Scilab toolbox continues to play the role of a programming and development environment for all our newly designed algorithms. Moreover, offering a maintained Scilab platform turns out to be a crucial factor in convincing industrial partners to undergo joint investigations with us or to involve us within partnerships in FP7 integrated projects proposals, see module  8.1 .

As from December 2007, Neil Babou, associate engineer, has worked on finalizing the next major version of COSMAD. Identification techniques used during FliTE2 have also been implemented by F. Queyroi. Porting COSMAD to Scilab 5 has been done. A specific version for use within SNECMA is currently under way.


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