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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participant : Laurent Mevel.

See modules  4.2 , 4.3 , 5.1 , 6.1 , and  6.6 .

Annual agreement INRIA-SVIBS 2381 + contract 4329

SVIBS (Structural Vibration Solutions A/S) is a company located in Aalborg, Denmark, having strong connections with the Department of Civil Engineering of University of British Columbia, CA (Prof. Carlos Ventura).

SVIBS and I4S are investigating how to link the modal analysis software ARTeMIS of SVIBS and COSMAD. Through an annual agreement, I4S gets a license of ARTeMIS in exchange to offer support for integrating our damage detection software into SVIBS software and offerings. A contract has been signed, where I4S provides algorithms and expertise for integration within a damage detection structural health monitoring system and SVIBS does the implementation. This technology transfer has been funded by the ministry of transportation of British Columbia, Canada. The work is supervised by UBC, CA. The end product will be a web based structural health monitoring system for in operation bridges.

I4S is doing technology transfer towards SVIBS to implement I4S technologies into ARTEMIS Extractor Pro. This is done under a royalty agreement between INRIA and SVIBSḞirst achievements include the implementation of the so called Crystal Clear SSI, a subspace variant, with much lower signal to noise ratio, and whose interest in the mechanical engineering community is very high. Other I4S algorithms are currently under review to be integrated within ARTEMIS. SVIBS and I4S are also related in the related IAPP proposal and the SIMS project.


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