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Section: Application Domains


Abstract. OFDMA is a promising technology for future generation of wireless networks.

In multi-user wireless environments, one of the reliable solutions is OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) technology which is being considered as a modulation and multiple access method for 4th generation wireless networks. The high bandwidth of OFDMA comes from thousands of orthogonal subcarriers which are assigned by groups to the mobile stations. Since the channel condition of a mobile station changes over time due to the fading, interference and path loss, the next generation wireless systems use adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) techniques to change their sending rates based on the channel quality information. Reducing the channel information feedback overhead is one of the major challenges in OFDMA systems. Therefore, we proposed the use of a dynamic channel predictor to reduce the feedback overhead and to improve the overall throughput and spectral efficiency of the system.


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