Team hipercom

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

Hipercom project-team aims to design, evaluate and optimize the telecommunication algorithms. The aimed areas are protocols, new telecommunication standards and quality of service management in networks. The aimed activity fields are centered around the new networks and services supporting internet. Although we address the whole spectrum of telecommunication domain, practically the Hipercom project team is specialized in local area networking, local loops, in particular mobile ad hoc networking. However the thematic extends to the information theory and modelization of internet graph and traffics.

The scientific foundations are the following:

The objectives assigned to HIPERCOM were:

The last objective about the convergence between 4G and manet has been put aside to the benefit of the three other objectives. The main reason is because there is no real demand in this very technological item.


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