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Section: Application Domains

Services over mobile networks

Abstract. New wireless network calls for new services that fullfil the requirement in terms of mobility and capacity.

The generalization of a new generation of mobile networks calls for a new set of services and applications. For example:

Quality of service has become the central requirement that users expect from a network. High throughput, service continuity are critical issue for multimedia application over the wireless internet where the bandwidth is more scarce than in the wired world. A significant issue in the ad-hoc domain is that of the integrity of the network itself. Routing protocols allow, according to their specifications, any node to participate in the network - the assumption being that all nodes are behaving well and welcome. If that assumption fails - then the network may be subject to malicious nodes, and the integrity of the network fails. An important security service over mobile networks is to ensure that the integrity of the network is preserved even when attacks are launched against the integrity of the network.


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