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Section: Scientific Foundations

Algorithm conception and implementation

Participants : Mohammad Abdul Awal, Cédric Adjih, Khaldoun Al Agha, Tara Ali-Yahiya, Emmanuel Baccelli, Youghourta Benfattoum, Lila Boukhatem, Lin Chen, Thomas Clausen, Lana Iwaza, Nour Kadi, Philippe Jacquet, Steven Martin, Saoucène Mahfoudh, Sara Medlej, Amina Meraihi, Pascale Minet, Paul Mühlethaler, Simon Odou, Joseph Rahmé, Despina Triantafyllidou, Yasser Toor.

Abstract. Algorithms are conceived with focal point on performance. The algorithms we specify in detail range between medium access control to admission control and quality of service management.

The conception of algorithms is an important focus of the project team. We specify algorithms in the perspective of achieving the best performance for communication. We also strive to embed those algorithms in protocols that involve the most legacy from existing technologies (Operating systems, internet, Wifi). Our aim with this respect is to allow code implementations for real life experiment or imbedded simulation with existing network simulators. The algorithm specified by the project ranges from multiple access schemes, wireless ad hoc routing, mobile multicast management, Quality of service and admission controls. In any of these cases the design emphasize the notions of performance, robustness and flexibility. For example, a flooding technique in mobile ad hoc network should be performing such to save bandwidth but should not stick too much close to optimal in order to be more reactive to frequent topology changes. Some telecommunication problems have NP hard optimal solution, and an implementable algorithm should be portable on very low power processing unit (e.g. sensors). Compromise are found are quantified with respect to the optimal solution.


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