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OSPF does not work 'as is' on mobile ad hoc networks. OSPF's trademark as a generic Internet routing solution is thus somewhat endangered by the emergence of MANETs.

Since 2005, the IETF is addressing this novelty and working on the standardization of an extension of OSPF for mobile ad hoc networks. Hipercom of course actively participates in this process, since it builds up on MANET experience with proactive routing, and thus OLSR-derived techniques.

We consider a wireless extension for OSPF based on OLSR (RFC3626), the MANET proactive protocol that has emerged as the simplest and most robust solution for mobile ad hoc routing.

This extension has been published as RFC5449 - OSPF MPR Extension for Ad Hoc Networks and defines an OSPFv3 MANET interface type, allowing OSPFv3 deployments including also areas with MANET characteristics.

Hipercom's OSPF standardization effort is being lead by Emmanuel Baccelli.

The implementation and experimental efforts are being lead by Juan Antonio Cordero Fuertes (Hipercom@LIX).

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