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Section: Dissemination

Participation to workshops, invitations

Philippe Jacquet has been a major INRIA organizer of the two INRIA-Bell Labs workshops "Fundamentals of networking", first venue in Murray Hill (USA) June, and the second venue in Rocquencourt, October.

Philippe Jacquet belongs to the editorial board of the DMTCS journal.

Philippe Jacquet has been invited speaker in the following events:

Thomas Clausen has organized the 5th OLSR Interop in Vienna.

Hosted by the, it was a successful event. Among the successes were: OLSR on Android / Google Phones, and an impressive and "overnight" implementation of NHDP from one of the Interop attendees, and loads of good exchanges and discussions.

Thomas Clausen has been invited speaker and gave keynote speeches in the following events:

Pascale Minet was jury member of the PhD Thesis of:

She was chair of the jury for the PhD Thesis of:

During the Workshop Fundamentals of Communications and Networking, organized by Bell Labs and INRIA in November 2009 at Rocquencourt, Pascale Minet gave a presentation entitled "Energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks: node activity scheduling".

She was member of the program committee of:

Besides these conferences, she was reviewer for the following international conferences:

Pascale Minet was also reviewer for the following journals:

In 2009, she was Guest Editor for the special issue on the Real-Time and Network Systems RTNS 2008 conference.

Paul Mühlethaler is an expert by the European Community for telecommunication projects.

Paul Mühlethaler has organized the DGA/INRIA workshop on Telecommunications. March 2009

Paul Mühlethaler was reviewer for the habilitation thesis of Lila Boukhatem "Mobilités et Gestion de Ressources" (December 09) and jury member for the habilitation thesis of Sidi-Mohammed Senouci "New protocols to control light infrastructure networks (Nouveaux protocoles pour la maitrise des réseaux à infrastructure légère)".

Paul Mühlethaler was also reviewer for the following journals:

Song Yean Cho, who defended her PhD thesis in 2008, was among the 10 candidates selected to participate in the final phase of the ParisTech PhD Prize 2009.


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