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Section: Dissemination

University teaching

Philippe Jacquet taught:

Thomas Clausen is researcher and teacher at École Polytechnique; he taught the following courses:

Pascale Minet taught:

Participation of Paul Mühlethaler to Lessons "Ad hoc Networks", The 802.11 Standard and wireless Networkand for ENST B.

Khaldoun Al Agha, Lila Boukhatem, Steven Martin, Lin Chen and Tara Ali-Yahia are teachers at the Computer Science department and IUT of Paris-Sud university. They teach every year:

Thanks to the contacts created during the IETF meetings, we have started a fruitful close collaboration with Niigata University (prof. K. Mase) about mobile ad hoc networking. Common IETF drafts have been submitted. since buffer capacity might be limited on wireless routers.

Through common IETF activities with R. Wakikawa and K. Uehara, Hipercom has developped strong links with Keio University in Japan. This has recently been formalized through a "memo of understanding", between Hipercom and Keio University. Several joint academic publications as well as IETF publications have been the fruits of this collaboration on various subjects such as porting OLSR on BSD-ZEBRA, MANET-NEMO convergence, OLSR for IPv6.

This collaboration is also enabling Hipercom to take part in the WIDE consortium in Japan uniting Keio University (with J. Murai, the japanese Internet pioneer) and several industry heavy weights such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi, KDDI, NTT and other japanese universities and companies. This initiative is among other things organizing a large scale testing of OLSR on vehicles (with a prospect for testing OLSR on 1500 cars), which promises to be an extremely valuable experience for Hipercom, as no such scale study has been carried out to date.

Within the project STIC INRIA - Tunisian Universities entitled `Performance improvement in a sensor network by means of mobile robots', Professor Leila Azouz Saidane from ENSI was invited by INRIA in January and July. Her four students Sahla Masmoudi, Nour Brinis, Ridha Soua and Mohamed Ibnel Hamid Hadj came at INRIA for a training in August. Pascale Minet was invited by ENSI in April and September and Saoucène Mahfoudh in September.


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