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Section: Scientific Foundations

Analytical information theory

Participants : Philippe Jacquet, Yacine Mezali, Wojciech Szpankowski.

Information theory

Branch of mathematics dedicated to the quantification of the performance of a medium to carry information. Initiated by Shannon in 1948.

Abstract. Information theory and analytical methods play a central role in the networking technology. It identifies the key parameter that must be quantified in order to characterize the performance of a network.

The analytical information theory is part of the foundations of the Hipercom project. This is a tool box that has been collected and adapted from the areas of the analysis of algorithms and the information theory. It provides powerful tool for the analysis of telecommunication algorithms. The analysis of the behavior of such algorithms in their asymptotic range are fundamental in order to identify their critical parts. It helps to design and properly scale the protocols. Application of analytical information theory ranges from channel capacity computations, compression algorithm performance evaluation, predictor designs.


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