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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Cédric Adjih, Philippe Jacquet, Pascale Minet, Paul Mühlethaler, Amina Meraihi.

The CELAR (Centre d'Electronique de l'Armement, French MoD/DGA) contract has been notified in December 2007. It has a duration of 27 months. It focuses on mobile ad hoc networks. CELAR is interested in the standardization done at the IETF and more particularly within the MANET and AUTOCONF groups, where the HIPERCOM team-project is active. Furthermore, this contract addresses topics that belong to DARPA's recent initiatives about new military wireless networks able to adapt to changing conditions. These networks will be self-forming, self-healing, self-configuring and self-optimizing. They will provide an intelligent relaying and an intelligent power management. All these topics are present in the CELAR contract:

Three of them are leading an implementation on a real platform comprising 18 nodes. Nodes are equipped with 802.11b cards and measurements tools on Linux. They implement the OLSR routing protocol. This testbed allows CELAR to make demonstrations with a real mobile ad-hoc network, and evaluate the potential benefits of such a network in military tactical applications, with a special focus on performances and reliability.

This year, we have worked on the specification, implementation and experimentation of OLSRv2, autoconfiguration and multicast protocols on the MANET/OLSR demonstrator, comprising 9 laptops, operating with IPv6.


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