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Section: Application Domains

Building a Large Scale Distributed System for Computing

The main application domain of the Large Scale Distributed System developed in Grand-Large is high performance computing. The two main programming models associated with our platform (RPC and MPI) allow to program a large variety of distributed/parallel algorithms following computational paradigms like bag of tasks, parameter sweep, workflow, dataflow, master worker, recursive exploration with RPC, and SPMD with MPI. The RPC programming model can be used to execute concurrently different applications codes, the same application code with different parameters and library function codes. In all these cases, there is no need to change the code. The code must only be compiled for the target execution environment. LSDS are particularly useful for users having large computational needs. They could typically be used in Research and Development departments of Pharmacology, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Petroleum, Energy, Meteorology industries. LSDS can also be used for other purposes than CPU intensive applications. Other resources of the connected PCs can be used like their memory, disc space and networking capacities. A Large Scale Distributed System like XtremWeb can typically be used to harness and coordinated the usage of these resources. In that case XtremWeb deploys on Workers services dedicated to provide and manage a disc space and the network connection. The storage service can be used for large scale distributed fault tolerant storage and distributed storage of very large files. The networking service can be used for server tests in real life conditions (workers deployed on Internet are coordinated to stress a web server) and for networking infrastructure tests in real like conditions (workers of known characteristics are coordinated to stress the network infrastructure between them).


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