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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Contract with SAMTECH, 2008-2010

INRIA and INPT-IRIT have signed a new contract with the company Samtech S.A. (Belgium). Samtech develops the finite element software package SAMCEF, which uses our parallel sparse direct solver Mumps as one of the internal solvers. The goal of this contract is to improve the memory usage of Mumps , and to offer the possibility to address a larger amount of memory. We will also study how to use memory already allocated by SAMCEF instead of having the solver allocate its own memory. Finally we also plan to study how performance can be improved on Samtech problems by allowing the forward substitution step to be performed simultaneously with the matrix factorization. This last point is particularly interesting in the case of out-of-core executions.

The contract is 24-month long, and the new functionalities developed in Mumps for this contract will be made available in a future public release of the package.

In Lyon, J.-Y. L'Excellent is the principal investigator and B. Uçar participates to this contract.


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