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Edition and Program Committees

Anne Benoit

is the Program Chair of the 19th International Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop, HCW 2010, to be held in Atlanta, USA, April 2010, in conjunction with IPDPS 2010. She co-organized the 6th International Workshop on aPplications of declArative and object-oriented Parallel Programming (PAPP 2009), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, May 2009; she is co-organizing the 7th edition of the workshop PAPP 2010 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2010.

A. Benoit was a member of the program committee of ICCS 2009, HPCC 2009, ISPDC 2009, ISCIS 2009, TCPP PhD Forum 2009. She is a member of the program committee of ICCS 2010, IPDPS 2010 and APDCM 2010.

Yves Caniou

is a member of the program committee of Heterogeneous Computing Workshop 2009 and 2010, and of the ICCSA 2009 and 2010 conferences.

Eddy Caron

was a member of the program committee of RENPAR 2009, PDP 2009, HCW 2009, MGC 2009, ISPA 2009, HotP2P 2009, GridPeer 2009 and SSS 2009.

He was co-chair of Tutorial Sesion for CCGRID'2008, and is co-chair of Grid-RPC group in the OGF (Open Grid Forum).

In november 2009, E. Caron organized the SSS'09 conference in Lyon that gathered 130 delegates

He was co-organizer of INRIA Booth at SuperComputing 2009.

He is a co-funder of the SysFera startup company.

Frédéric Desprez

is member of the EuroPar Advisory board and the editorial board of “Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience” (SCPE).

F. Desprez participated to the program committees of CLADE'09, VecPar'09, HPDC'09 (IEEE Int. Symp. on High-Performance Distributed Computing), CCGRID'09, PCGrid'09, chair of the algorithms track for the poster session of Supercomputing'09, Modern computer tools for the biosciences'09, Third Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems (PCGrid'09), DEPEND'09, SSS'09, 8th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC '09) joint with ServiceWave'09.

In september 2009, F. Desprez organized the ParCo conference in Lyon that gathered 160 delegates ( ). In August 2009, he organized the workshop on Grids, P2P and Service Computing joint with EuroPAR'09 ( ).

He is a co-funder of the SysFera startup company.

Gilles Fedak

was the program chair of the PCGRID workshop associated with IPDPS'09. He co-chairs 2 workshops PCGRID'10 and MAPREDUCE'10 associated respectively with CCGRID (Melbourne Australia, 2010) and HPDC (Chicago, USA, 2010). He is the track co-chair for the High-speed Distributed Systems and Grids (HDSG) track in the 19th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), Zurich, Switzerland, August 2010.

He was a member of the program committees of the following conferences and workshops : CoreGrid'09, (Delft, Nederlands, 2009), CDUR'09 (Montreal, Canada, 2009), CCGRID'09 (Shanghai, China, 2009), ServP2P'09 (Shanghai, China, 2009), RenPar'09 (Toulouse, 2009).

Jean-Yves L'Excellent

is a member of the program committee of Vecpar'10 (Berkeley, California).

Loris Marchal

was a member of the program committee of ISPDC 2009. He is co-editor (with Frédéric Vivien) of a special issue of the Parallel Computing journal following a workshop organized in 2008.

Christian Pérez

was a member of the program committee of AINA (Bradford, UK, May 26-29, 2009), CCGRID (Shangai, China, May 18-21, 2009), CBHPC (Portland, Oregon, USA, 15-16 November 2009), HPCC (Seoul, Korea, June 25-27, 2009), ParCo (Lyon, France, September 1-4, 2009) and RenPar (Toulouse, France, 9-11 September 2009). He was publicity co-chair of HPCS (Leipzig, Germany June 21-24, 2009 ).

He is a member of the program committee of FMMC (Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, Germany, March 17-19, 2010), Vecpar'10 ( Berkeley, CA, USA, 22-25 June 2010). He is a member of the Steering Committee of CBHPC.

C. Pérez serves as expert for evaluating proposal to the ANR Cosinus 2009 call and for evaluating a Thalès PhD CIFRE candidate.

Yves Robert

is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (Sage Press), and of the Journal of Computational Science (Elsevier).

Y. Robert was Program Chair of the IEEE TCPP PhD Forum in Rome (in conjunction with IPDPS'09). He also was Program Chair of ISPDC'09, the 8th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing that took place in Lisbon in July 2009. He will be the Program Vice-Chair of HiPC'2010, track Algorithms and Applications.

Yves Robert is a member of the Steering Committee of HCW (IEEE Workshop on Heterogeneity in Computing) of IPDPS (IEEE Int. Parallel and Distributed Symposium), and of HeteroPar (Int. Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Platforms).

Following the 35th (French) Spring school in theoretical computer science (EPIT) that they organized in June 2007, Y. Robert and F. Vivien have edited a book on Introduction to scheduling . This book has been published in 2009 by Chapman and Hall/CRC Press.

Bora Uçar

was a member of the program committee of Fifteenth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS'09), Shenzhen, China, December 9–11, 2009; of the 24th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS 2009), METU Northern Cyprus Campus, September 14–16, 2009; of IPDPS 2009 TCPP PhD Forum.

B. Uçar organized a mini-symposium entitled “Parallel sparse matrix computations and enabling algorithms”as a part of SIAM Conference on Computational Science & Engineering (CSE09), March 2–6, 2009, Miami, Florida, USA.

Frédéric Vivien

is an associate editor of Parallel Computing .

F. Vivien was a member of the program committee of EuroPDP 2010, Pisa, Italy, February 2010, of NPC 2009, Gold coast, Australia, October 19-21, 2009, of CCGrid 09, Shangai, China, May 18-21, 2009 (only as member of the backup team), of the Workshop on Scheduling for Parallel Computing , Wroclaw, Poland, September 2009; of RenPar 2009, Toulouse, France, September 2009, of ISPDC'2009, Lisbon, Portugal, June 30 - July 4, 2009, and of EuroPDP 2009, Weimar, Germany, February 2009.


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