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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Contracts and Projects

Marie Curie Action – IOF – MetagenoGrids

In the scope of the associated-team described in the next section, Frédéric Vivien was on sabbatical at the University of Hawai`i at Manoā for one year, from July 17, 2008 until July 16, 2009. This sabbatical was in part funded by a Marie Curie Action – International Outgoing Fellowship from the European Commission.

ERCIM WG CoreGRID (2009-2011)

Following the success of the NoE CoreGRID, an ERCIM WG was started in 2009, leaded by F. Desprez. This working group gathers 31 research teams from all over europe working on Grids, Service oriented architectures and Clouds.

A workshop on Grids, P2P and Service computing was organized in conjunction with EuroPAR 2009, Delft, August, 2009.

EU FP7 project EDGeS: Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science (2008-2009)

This project is lead by P. Kacsuk, and involves the following partners : SZTAKI, INRIA, CIEMAT, Fundecyt, University of Westminster, Cardiff University, University of Coimbra. Grid systems are currently being used and adopted by a growing number of user groups and diverse application domains. However, there still exist many scientific communities whose applications require much more computing resources than existing Grids like EGEE can provide. The main objective of this project is to interconnect the existing EGEE Grid infrastructure with existing Desktop Grid (DG) systems like BOINC or XtremWeb in a strong partnership with EGEE. The interconnection of these two types of Grid systems will enable more advanced applications and provide extended compute capabilities to more researchers. In this collaboration G. Fedak represents the GRAAL team and is responsible for JRA1: Service Grids-Desktop Grids Bridges Technologies and is involved in JRA3 : Data Management, as well as NA3 : Standardization within the OGF group.


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