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Section: Software


Participants : Hussein Yahia [ correspondant ] , Qinqin Long, Antonio Turiel [ ICM-CSIC Barcelona ] .

Since 2004, we are developping a software plaform, called FluidExponents which fully implements the MMF. FluidExponents serves different purposes and share interesting characteristics:

The use of FluidExponents in GEOSTAT is systematic: all new research results (coming from PhDs for instance) are implemented within it. Functionalities that have a strong potential are implemented in the standard version of FluidExponents.

We show, in figure 6 , a session of FluidExponents using the user interface.

Figure 6. A session of the FluidExponents software, using the user interface to compute MMF constructs on a typical geophysical dataset in the Netcdf format.

In GEOSTAT, we have the strong intention of consideraly developping the FluidEponents platform, for dissemination and research:

We are currently in the process of understanding and specification, with our spanish partner, of a commercial implementation and use of FluidExponents, through the possibilities offered by INRIA on the creation of start-ups.


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