Team geostat

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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry

The team has been created on January the 1st, 2008 and became an INRIA project (first phase) on November the 1st, 2009 (until October 31, 2010). Second phase (INRIA project team) to iccur before October 31, 2010.

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Hussein Yahia [ Team leader, Research Associate (CR) INRIA, HdR ]
Khalid Daoudi [ Research Associate (CR) INRIA ]
Véronique Garçon [ External Collaborator, Team leader, Research Director (DR) DYNBIO Team, CNRS, HdR ]
Antonio Turiel [ External Collaborator, Research Associate, ICM-CSIC, Barcelona ]
Annick Lesne [ External Collaborator, IHES, HdR ]
Sylvie Rocques [ External Collaborator, Team leader, Research Director (DR) LATT, CNRS, HdR ]
Régine Obrecht [ External Collaborator, Team leader, Faculty Member, IRIT, HdR ]

PhD Student

Vahid Khanagha [ CORDIS Grant, since November 2009 ]
Reda Jourani [ External Collaborator, IMAGEEN Grant ]
Ioannis Klasinas [ External Collaborator, MEN Grant ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Oriol Pont [ Since September 2009 ]

Administrative Assistant

Josy Baron [ Secretary (SAR) INRIA ]


Qinqin Long [ ENSEIRB, Bordeaux ]


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