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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

Associate team TGDA

Participants : Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Frédéric Chazal, David Cohen-Steiner, Quentin Mérigot, Steve Oudot.

We are involved in an INRIA associated team with the group of Prof. Leonidas Guibas at Stanford University since January 2008. Our collaboration focuses on Topological and Geometric Data Analysis. More precisely, our aim is to develop new topological and geometric frameworks and algorithms for the analysis of data sets represented by point clouds in possibly high-dimensional or non-Euclidean spaces. In 2008 and 2009, exchanges between the two groups were numerous, both at junior level and at senior level. We hope to keep up to the same rate in 2010. Among the scientific outcomes of this collaboration are a new stability theory for topological persistence, a new analysis method for scalar fields defined over sampled Riemannian manifolds, and a clustering algorithm based on persistence.

Associate team DDGM

Participants : Pierre Alliez, Jane Tournois, David Cohen-Steiner.

We are involved in an INRIA associate team with Prof. Desbrun's group at Caltech since January 2009. Our goal is to collaborate on topics commonly referred to as Geometry Processing. This year we have exchanged on mesh optimization, surface reconstruction and quadrangle surface tiling. In addition to Prof. Desbrun three students from Caltech were involved in the collaboration. We applied for renewal of the associate team as we plan to intensify our collaborations.

Associate team OrbiCG

Participants : Manuel Caroli, Monique Teillaud.

The associate team OrbiCG started this year. It is a joint project with two institutes of the University of Groningen: the Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science led by Gert Vegter, and Rien van de Weijgaert from the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute. This research was originally motivated by the needs of astronomers in Groningen who study the evolution of the large scale mass distribution in our universe by running dynamical simulations on periodic 3D data. Our goal is to extend the traditional focus of computational geometry on the Euclidean space Im1 $\#8477 ^d$ ("urbi") to encompass various spaces ("orbi"), in particular orbit spaces of the Euclidean space, of the hyperbolic space, and of the sphere.

Several members of Geometrica participated to the workshop “Subdivide and Tile: Triangulating spaces for understanding the world” organized by the OrbiCG partners: M. Caroli, F. Chazal, M. Hemmer, Q. Mérigot, and M. Teillaud, as well as J. Bernauer from Abs . Several Dutch members of the Associate Team were also present: Jakob van Bethlehem, Patrick Bos, Amit Chattopadhyay, Bernard Jones, Erwin Platen, Pratyush Pranav, Fatma Senguler-Ciftci, Esra Tigrak, Gert Vegter, and Rien van de Weijgaert.


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