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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Bilateral International Relations

Cooperation within Europe

I. Manolescu is a member of the Advisory Board of the SeCo (Search Computing) ERC project, headed by S. Ceri from Politecnico di Milano.

Close links exist with University of Madrid (A. Gomez-Perez), University of Manchester (I. Horrocks), University of Rome (M. Lenzerini).

Cooperation with Senegal

Gemo started a cooperation with the Gaston Berger University in december 2006 which leads to a PhD in co-tutelle with Paris-Sud university. The subject of the thesis is the integration of semi-structured data for information retrieval. The PhD student is Mouhamadou Thiam.

Cooperation with the Middle-East

Close links exist with University of Tel-Aviv (T. Milo).

Cooperation with North America

Gemo had for many years an Associated Team with the data management group at the University of California at San Diego (V. Vianu, A. Deutch, Y. Papakonstantinou). After this association sponsored by INRIA International and the National Science Foundation, completed in 2008, the two teams continued to closely cooperate.

Close links also exist with UC Santa Cruz (N. Polyzotis), U. of Rutgers (A. Marian and A. Borgida), Google Research (O. Benjelloun).

Cooperation with Australia

The planning and diagnosis group of NICTA's Canberra Research Laboratory visited Gemo in July, as well as INRIA Rennes Dream group. A synthesis workshop with the three partners was organized at Gemo in July in order to prepare the draft of an INRIA associated team's proposal. The proposal of the associated team Smarties (“Self-healing highly dynamical networks: Facing the Smart Grid challenge") was submitted by the three partners on October. The scientific challenges are: self-helability analysis, interleaving diagnosis and repair, use of symbolic techniques and application to smart grid.

Cooperation with Japan

A two days workshop was organized at Gemo (with colleagues from AMIB team) in September with the research group of Katsumi Inoue, from NII. We plan to collaborate on: consequence finding and hypothesis finding, SAT, distributed reasoning handling knowledge sharing, extension to formalisms beyond propositional logic and privacy issues. Both Philippe Dague and Katsumi Inoue were invited at the JST-ANR French Japanese Workshop in the field of Information and Communication Science and Technologies organized by ANR at Paris in November. They intend to submit a project at this JST-ANR call in January 2010.


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