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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

RNTL Project WebContent

Participants : Serge Abiteboul, Fayçal Hamdi, Ioana Manolescu, Bogdan Marinoiu, Nobal Niraula, Mohamed Ouazara, Chantal Reynaud, Brigitte Safar, Spyros Zoupanos.

The WebContent project ( ) ends in December 2009. The goal of WebContent is to build a flexible and generic platform for content management and to integrate Semantic Web technologies in order to show their effectiveness on real applications with strong economic or societal stakes. Gemo activity in WebContent this year has been manifold. components. In the semantic enrichment of ontologies group (Lot 3) we tested the partitioning tool. We worked on a methodological guide for a joint use of the partitioning tool able to manage large ontologies and matching tools integrated in the WebContent platform. Experiments were also performed on the ontologies provided by AgroParistech, showing the capacity of TaxoMap, our alignment tool, to align large ontologies composed of more than 20000 concepts. In the peer-to-peer group (Lot 5), we have finalised the development of the peer-to-peer storage and query processing tool, and we have integrated the caching functionality developed by our partners. We have tested and fine-tuned our modules in particular on the EADS application data set.


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