Team gemo

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: Scientific Foundations

Scientific Foundations

A main theme of the team is the integration of information, seen as a general concept, including the discovery of meaningful information sources or services, the understanding of their content or goal, their integration and the monitoring of their evolution over time.

Gemo works on environments that are both powerful and flexible to simplify the development and deployment of applications providing fast access to meaningful data. In particular, content warehouses and mediators offering a wide access to multiple heterogeneous sources provide a good means of achieving these goals.

Gemo is a project born from the merging of INRIA-Rocquencourt project Verso, with members of the IASI group of LRI. It is located in Orsay-Saclay. A particularity of the group is to address data and knowledge management issues by combining techniques coming from artificial intelligence (such as classification) and databases (such as indexing).

The goal is to enable non-experts, such as scientists, to build content sharing communities in a true database fashion: declaratively. The proposed infrastructure is called a data ring .


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