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Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animations


S· Abiteboul is a member of the steering committee of Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB) Journal, a journal that started in 2008.

F. Goasdoué

I. Manolescu

C. Reynaud

L. Romary

L. Simon

Presentations to a larger public

S. Abiteboul participated to the Téléphone Sonne on France Inter. He published interviews or articles in Science et Vie, Le Nouvel Economiste and L'informaticien. He participated as panelist to the colloquium “Une histoire de DIM, Domaines d'Intérêt Majeur” organized par by the Île-de-France région. He had presentations at the colloquium INRIA “Web et Industrie” in Lille, at “Demain, la République du Web : une utopie ?” at La Cantine, and at “Perspectives IT pour le Codir”, of the OLG Clubs, at La Vilette.

Ioana Manolescu presents Gemo work on ViP2P on december 3, 2009, in an XQuery Meetup at La Cantine.


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