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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National initiatives

ANR Algorithm Design and Analysis for Implicitly and Incompletely Defined Interaction Networks (ALADIN)

Participants : Cyril Gavoille [ CNRS LABRI, University of Bordeaux, France ] , Dominique Fortin, Laurent Viennot, Michel Habib, Pierre Charbit, Pierre Fraigniaud.

Pierre Fraigniaud is leading an ANR project “blanc” (i.e. fundamental research) about the fundamental aspects of large interaction networks enabling massive distributed storage, efficient decentralized information retrieval, quick inter-user exchanges, and/or rapid information dissemination. The project is mostly oriented towards the design and analysis of algorithms for these (logical) networks, by taking into account proper ties inherent to the underlying infrastructures upon which they are built. The infrastructures and/or overlays considered in this project are selected from different contexts, including communication networks (from Internet to sensor networks), and societal networks (from the Web to P2P networks).


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