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Section: New Results

The Objective Caml system

Participants : Xavier Clerc [ team SED ] , Damien Doligez, Alain Frisch [ Lexifi ] , Jacques Garrigue [ University of Nagoya ] , Xavier Leroy, Maxence Guesdon [ team SED ] , Luc Maranget [ EPI Moscova ] , Michel Mauny, Nicolas Pouillard, Pierre Weis [ EPI Estime ] .

This year, we released version 3.11.1 of the Objective Caml system. This is a minor release that corrects about 50 problem reports. Damien Doligez acted as release manager for this version.

Three important extensions of the Caml language were designed and implemented, and will be made available in the next major release of Objective Caml:

Xavier Clerc, research engineer at SED, joined the Caml development team at 40% of his time in early 2009. He improved and updated the replay debugger, studied cross-compilation issues, restructured the Caml test suite, and participated in bug-fixing.

Xavier Leroy and Xavier Clerc converted the Caml source repository from CVS to Subversion, making it easier for non-INRIA developers to access the repository.


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