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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions


SAGA (ShApe, Geometry and Algebra, 2008-2012) is a Marie-Curie Initial Training Network of the call FP7-PEOPLE-2007-1-1-ITN.

The project aims at promoting the interaction between Geometric Modeling and Real Algebraic Geometry and, in general, at strengthening interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial research and development concerning CAD/CAM. Its objective is also to train a new generation of researchers familiar with both academic and industry viewpoints, while supporting the cooperation among the partners and with other interested collaborators in Europe. The partners are:

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The Ph.D. thesis of Angelos Mantzaflaris on Robust algebraic methods for geometric computations is supported by the Marie-Curie ITN SAGA.

We hosted Johan Seland as an experienced research fellow of the Marie-Curie ITN SAGA between March and May. The collaboration concerned the use of GPU for rendering algebraic surfaces.


Exciting – Exact geometry simulation for optimized design of vehicles and Vessels – FP7-CP-SST-2007-RTD-1- 218536 (2008–2011).

This project focuses on computational tools for the optimized design of functional free-form surfaces. Specific applications are ship hulls and propellers in naval engineering and car components, frames, and turbochargers in the automotive and railway transportation industries. The objective is to base the corresponding computational tools on the same exact representation of the geometry. This should lead to huge benefits for the entire chain of design, simulation, optimization, and life cycle management, including a new class of computational tools for fluid dynamics and solid mechanics, simulations for vehicles and vessels based. This seamless integration of CAD and FEM will have direct applications in product design, simulation and optimization of core components of vehicles and vessels. The partners are:

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