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Section: Software

Mathemagix , a free computer algebra environment

Participants : Bernard Mourrain [ contact person ] , Daouda N'Diatta, Elias Tsigaridas, Angelos Mantzaflaris.

Mathemagix is a free computer algebra system which consists of a general purpose interpreter, which can be used for non-mathematical tasks as well, and efficient modules on algebraic objects. It includes the development of standard libraries for basic arithmetic on dense and sparse objects (numbers, univariate and multivariate polynomials, power series, matrices, etc., based on FFT and other fast algorithms). These developments are based on C++, offer generic programming without losing effectiveness, via the parameterization of the code (template ) and the control of their instantiations.

The language of the interpreter is imperative, strongly typed and high level. A compiler of this language is available. A special effort has been put on the embeding of existing libraries written in other languages like C or C++. An interesting feature is that this extension mechanism supports template types, which automatically induce generic types inside Mathemagix. Connections with gmp, mpfr for extended arithmetic, lapack for numerical linear algebra are currently available in this framework.

The project aims at building a bridge between symbolic computation and numerical analysis. It is structuring collaborative software developments of different groups in the domain of algebraic and symbolic-numeric computation.

In this framework, we are working more specifically on the following components:

These packages are integrated from the former library Synaps (SYmbolic Numeric APplicationS) dedicated to symbolic and numerical computations. There are also used in the algebraic-geometric modeler axel .

Collaborators: Gr├ęgoire Lecerf, Olivier Ruatta, Joris van der Hoeven and Philippe Tr├ębuchet.


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