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Section: Application Domains

Shape processing

Many problems encounter in the application of computer sciences started from measurement data, from which one wants to recover a curve, a surface, or more generally a shape. This is typically the case in image processing, computer vision or signal processing. This also appears in computer biology where Distance geometry plays a significant role, for example, in the reconstruction from NMR experiments, or the analysis of realizable or accessible configurations. In another domain, scanners which tends to be more and more easily used yield large set of data points from which one has to recover compact geometric model. We are working in collaboration with groups in agronomy on the problems of reconstruction of branching models (which represent trees or plants). We are investigating the application of algebraic techniques to these reconstruction problems. Geometry is also highly involved in the numerical simulation of physical problems such as heat conduction, ship hull design, blades and turbines analysis, mechanical stress analysis. We apply our algebraic-geometric techniques in the isogeometric approach which use the same (bspline) formalism to represent both the geometry and the solutions of partial differential equations on this geometry.


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