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Application Domains
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Section: Application Domains

Shape modeling

Geometric modeling is increasingly familiar for us (synthesized images, structures, vision by computer, Internet, ...). Nowadays, many manufactured objects are entirely designed and built by means of geometric software which describe with accuracy the shape of these objects. The involved mathematical models used to represent these shapes have often an algebraic nature. Their treatment can be very complicated, for example requiring the computations of intersections or isosurfaces (CSG, digital simulations, ...), the detection of singularities, the analysis of the topology, etc. Optimising these shapes with respect to some physical constraints is another example where the choice of the models and the design process are important to lead to interesting problems in algebraic geometric modeling and computing. We propose the developments of methods for shape modeling that take into account the algebraic specificities of these problems. We tackle questions whose answer strongly depends on the context of the application being considered, in direct relationship to the industrial contacts that we are developing in Computer Aided Geometric Design.


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