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Section: Software


Participants : Jérome Béchu [ correspondant ] , Pierre-Yves Oudeyer.

The UFlow Toolbox is a collection of various software modules for programming and scripting robot sensorimotor loops, aimed at allowing rapid prototyping in the FLOWERS team, and integrated in the URBI framework. URBI, developed by GOSTAI, supports the integration of heterogeneous robotic software modules. It uses a dynamic scripting language, wich manages parallel and event processing. Each module, called UObject, is written in C++.

We developed a new UObject for image acquisition on Windows : uCamera. This UObject uses the Microsoft Direct Show Library to easily access and retreive images. We can use one or more USB Camera (Currently we use 5 cameras on one PC).

An UObject, named uFaceDetection, uses the OpenCV Library to detect a face in a UImage.

Two UObjects manage a wiimote handle. One, named Wiimote and another one named uMacWiimote. The first one works on Windows while the other one works on Mac OS-X. Thanks to this UObject we can use wiimotes to manipulate robots.

To control a robot the Rovio robot, we developed an UObject uRovio. With this UObject we can send motion commands and retrieve images from the camera of the robot.

We developed an UObject dedicated to real-time sound processing and playing, named uSoundManager, and based on the fmod sound library.

Another UObject that we developped, named uLaser, allows to detect the position of a green laser pointer in real-time.

Finally, we currently update the UFlow Toolbox to URBI 2.0 (in progress).


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