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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

SEALS infrastructure project: Evaluating semantic technologies

Participants : Jérôme Euzenat [ Contact ] , Cássia Trojahn dos Santos [ Contact ] .

Exmo is in charge of providing an infrastructure for evaluating ontology matching systems and algorithms, to be aggregated in the SEALS platform. This task involves:

This year we have prepared the first SEALS evaluation campaign and the reengineering of the evaluation process [19] . We have also organised the OAEI 2009 campaign (§ 6.1.1 ).

More information on SEALS can be found at .

NeOn integrated project: Networked ontologies

Participants : Jérôme Euzenat [ Contact ] , Chan Le Duc, Patrick Hoffmann, François Scharffe.

Exmo contributes to the NeOn integrated project considering all the aspects of "networked ontologies", i.e., the ontologies considered with their links to other ontologies. We work on the aspects of providing semantics to these networked ontologies (through alignments and ontology modules) and using ontology matching to recontextualise ontologies.

We have worked this year on the OntoSim library (§ 5.2 ) and the redesign of the Scarlet context-based ontology matcher.

More information on NeOn can be found at .


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