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Section: Software

Azalic Studio

Participants : Adrien Bernhardt, Marie-Paule Cani, Olivier Palombi, Adeline Pihuit.

Figure 3. Azalic Studio: a free-form shape modeling tool for non-experts, based on a 2D painting metaphor.

Azalic Studio is a software dedicated to free form shape Modeling through Interactive Sketching and Sculpting gestures. The goal is to provide a very intuitive way to create 3D shapes, as easy to use for the general public as roughly sketching a shape or modeling it with a piece of clay. Our first prototype, called Matisse, was developed in 2007-2008, in the framework of a research contract with the company Axiatec  7.2 . It enables to create a 3D shape by smoothly blending different components, which are progressively painted at different scales and from different viewing angles. See Figure 6 . Our prototype is written in C++ as an extension of the Ogre open-source library. It relies on our research on free-form sketch-based modeling using geometric skeletons and convolution surfaces  6.1.4 , and on our recent contribution on local implicit blending  6.1.3 . Future extensions will include the combination of sketching with modeling gestures related to clay sculpting, such as deforming a shape through pulling, pushing, bending or twisting gestures  6.1.2 .


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