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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional projects

BQR INP IDEAL (04/2009-09/2012)

Participants : Dobrina Boltcheva, Franck Hétroy, Jean-Claude Léon.

3D models, coming for instance from engineering fields, are often "idealized", or "simplified" (topologically speaking), in order to be used for simulation. The goal of this project IDEAL, funded by Grenoble INP, is to study these models, in particular the most general ones which are called "non-manifolds" and which are not handled by current softwares. We collaborate in this project with the University of Genova in Italy (Leila De Floriani).

BQR INP “Modèles multirésolutions de fissures” (04/2009-09/2012)

Participants : François Faure, Bui Huu Phuoc, Marie Durand.

A project on the simulation of fracture propagation in concrete structures has started, funded by INP Grenoble. The puropose is to develop a mixed, dynamic model of structures, using finite elements everywhere excepted near crak fronts, where a discrete model is applied. This goes beyond the ANR Vulcain project (section  8.2.5 ) because we want to dynamically switch between finite element and discrete models. Bui Huu Phoc has started a Ph.D. in October, co-tutored by Frederic Dufour and Vincent Richefeu, from the L3S-R CNRS laboratory, and François Faure from EVASION.

PPF “Multimodal interaction”

Participants : Adrien Bernhardt, Marie-Paule Cani, Adeline Pihuit.

As a team of the LJK laboratory, we participle to the PPF (plan pluri-formation) 'Multimodal interaction' funded by the four universities of Grenoble, with GIPSA-Lab, LIG, TIMC, LPNC. This year, we collaborated with Renaud Blanch from the IIHM group of the LIG, on the evaluation of the sketching and sculpting systems we developed for creating 3D shapes. See .

PPF “Maths-Computer science interfaces”

Participants : Romain Arcila, Franck Hétroy.

In this project we collaborate with a team from the GIPSA-Lab (Cédric Gérot and Annick Montanvert), to study and analyze animated meshes. We are particularly interested in defining comparison criteria to compare dynamic meshes.

LIMA "Loisirs et Images" (05/2007-05/2010)

Participants : Eric Bruneton, Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Lionel Reveret, Lucian Stanculescu.

LIMA (Loisirs et Images) is a Rhône-Alpes project in the ISLE cluster (Informatique, Signal, Logiciel Embarqué). It federates many laboratories of the Rhône-Alpes region (LISTIC, LIRIS, LIS, CLIPS, LIGIV, LTSI, ICA and LJK ARTIS, EVASION, LEAR, MOVI) around two research themes: analysis and classification of multimedia data, and computer graphics and computer vision. The objectives are to index multimedia data with "high level" indexes, and to produce, analyze, animate and visualize very large databases, such as very large natural scenes. We obtained a PhD grant, starting in October 2009, for Lucian Stanculescu for working on quality meshing of deforming shapes with Raphaëlle Chaine (LIRIS) and Marie-Paule Cani. LIMA also helped Maxime Tournier and Adeline Pihuit to get an Exploradoc grant this year.


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