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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National projects

ANR Masse de données et simulation KAMELEON (01/2006-05/2009)

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, Franck Hétroy, Lionel Reveret.

This project started in 2006 and ended on May 2009. It addresses motion capture of small vertebrates.

ANR Chênes et roseaux (01/2007-12/2009)

Participant : Lionel Reveret.

This project started in 2007 and ends in December 2009. It addresses the modeling and measurement from video of fruit tree resistance to breaking under wind. A publication has been obtained at Eurographics 2009 [13] .

ANR Masse de données MADRAS (01/2008-12/2010)

Participants : Romain Arcila, Franck Hétroy, Lionel Reveret.

This 3-year project, funded by ANR, started on January 1st, 2008. Its goal is threefold:

On this project, EVASION focuses on sequences of meshes evolving through time. Other partners are LIFL in Lille and LIRIS in Lyon. See for more information.

ANR Cheveux (01/2008-12/2010)

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure.

The ANR project Cheveux (january 2008 - december 2010) groups two partners from the industry, Neomis Animation (animation studio) and Beelight (graphics software company) with three research groupes from INRIA (BIPOP, EVASION, ARTIS) and one from CNRS (LMM). The goal is firstly to develop a Maya plugin from the super-helices model introduced in 2006 by INRIA and CNRS, and to propose some extensions, from improved animation methods to solutions for computing volumetric wisps geometry and for rendering non-photo-realistic hair-styles.

ANR Vulcain (06/2008-06/2011)

Participants : Marie Durand, François Faure.

We participate to the ANR Vulcain project ( ), which purpose is to evaluate the vulnerability of buildings such as industrial facilities undergoing explosions of projectile impacts. Marie Durand is implementing discrete element models in GPU in order to speed up concrete fracturing simulations.

ANR RepDyn (01/2010-12/2012)

Participants : Marie Durand, François Faure.

We will participate to the ANR RepDyn project, starting at the beginning of 2010, in collaboration with CEA, EDF, Laboratoire de Mécanique des Structures Industrielles Durables (LaMSID), and ONERA. The purpose of this project is to enhance the performance of discrete elements and fluid computations, for the simulation of cracks in nuclear reactors or planes. Our task is to propose GPU implementations of particle models, as well as load balancing strategies in the context of multi-core, multi-GPU hardware. Marie Durand will be hired for this task, after the end of her task in the Vulcain project (section  8.2.5 ).

ANR ROMMA (01/2010-12/2013)

Participants : Georges-Pierre Bonneau, François Faure.

The ANR project ROMMA has been accepted in 2009. It will start in january 2010. The partners of this project are academic and industry experts in mechanical engineering, numerical simulation, geometric modeling and computer graphics. There are three academic members in the consortium: the LMT in Cachan, G-SCOP and LJK (EVASION and MGMI teams) in Grenoble. There are four industrial members: EADS, which coordinates the project, SAMTECH, DISTENE and ANTECIM. The aim of the project is to efficiently and robustly model very complex mechanical assemblies. We will work on the interactive computation of contacts between mechanical parts using GPU techniques. We will also investigate the Visualization of data with uncertainty, applied in the context of the project.


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