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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Actions

ARC Triade – Combining models of computation for the design of real-time and embedded applications

Participants : Jean-Pierre Talpin, Thierry Gautier, Yann Glouche, Thierry Gautier, Paul Le Guernic.

The Triade Cooperative Research Action (ARC) is a partnership between the AOSTE, DaRT, and ESPRESSO teams of INRIA. Triade aims at using formal models with structuring programmatic constructs as means to translate programs and descriptions written in formalisms widely used in Embedded System and SoC design, and provide a seamless flow of increasingly time-defined and time-accurate models, so as to progressively obtain the final mapped implementation through provably correct steps from the early description elements.

Thanks to travel financing from Triade we have had regular meetings with our colleagues from Rennes (ESPRESSO) and Lille (DaRT). Two publications [36] , [35] have resulted, and we intend to launch a common implementation initiative aiming at combining know-how of the various teams.


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