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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

RNTL project Spacify

Participants : Loïc Besnard, Julien Ouy, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

The Espresso project-team participates to the RNTL project Spacify, leaded by CNES and ONERA. Spacify is a research project aiming at developing a design environment for spacecraft flight software.

More precisely, the project shall promote a top-down method based upon multi-clock synchronous modeling, formally-verified transformations, exhaustive verification through model-checking and a runtime framework featuring realtime-friendly distribution and dynamic-reconfiguration services. Furthermore, the various tools shall be released under FLOSS (free/libre/open-source software) licenses, favouring cost-sharing and sustainability.

The project is led by the French Agences CNES and ONERA. It gathers prime contractors Astrium Satellites and Thales Alenia Space, GeenSys (formerly TNI Software) and Anyware Technologies, and academic teams Cama from TELECOM Bretagne, Espresso from INRIA, MV from LaBRI and Acadie from IRIT. It is a 3-years project (starting in February 2006) partly funded by the French Research Agency (ref. ANR 06 TLOG 27).


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