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Section: Overall Objectives


Sandeep Shukla, Associate Professor with Virginia Tech, continued his visit in the Espresso project-team at the occasion of his sabbatical. He was jointly funded by the University of Rennes, INRIA Rennes-Bretagne-Atlantique, the Scientific Board of INRIA and the Artist Network of Excellence.

The main objective of the sabbatical was to jointly investigate the state of the art to modeling multi-clocked synchronous embedded systems, as in Polychrony, for instance, and to explore alternatives modeling, analysis and compilation techniques. These discussions resulted in a number of joint publications with INRIA participants to Artist-Design and are subject to several related and ongoing work [41] , [18] , [32] , [24] , [28] , [27] , [39] , [31] , [22] , [37] , [21] , [23] . The most salient dissemination and publication outcomes resulting of the visit are

Abdoulaye Gamatié, formerly Ph.D. student in the Espresso team, published a book on Signal [2] .


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