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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Actions

CyWiki Project

Participants : Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli, Gérôme Canals.


The partners of the project are Orpailleur (coordinator), ECOO and KIWI teams (LORIA- INRIA Nancy-Grand Est), ATILF and LISEC (Université de Nancy 2), NUTICE (Nancy Université).

CyWiki is a multi-disciplinary project funded by the EPST, Universités Lorraines.

The objective of the project is to build a software infrastructure for the collaborative and assisted transformation of textual content into formal and structured knowledge. The transformation process is a decentralized process in which both human agents and automatic agents (text-mining agents, classification agents) collaborate to build knowledge units (in the form of ontology elements). This knowledge can then be used to query and make reasoning about the content. The experimental and application domain of the project is education. The project will focus on the transformation of textual pedagogical resources into domain ontologies and annotations and metadata about the content of these resources.

CCO-MO Project

Participants : Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli.


The partners of the projects are EA 3942, CEREFIGE (Coordinator) and Codisant-G3C, LPUL (University Nancy2), 2L2S / ERASE EA 3478 (University Paul Verlaine-Metz), ECOO (LORIA- INRIA Nancy-Grand Est).

CCO-MO: Cartography of organizational skills and organizational memory based on semantic wikis.

The objective of this project is to build a distributed and dynamic cartography of organizational skills. The project focuses on the skills in the development and research departments of the enterprises and research laboratories in the Lorraine clusters of competitively. The aim of the project is to improve the current practices of knowledge building and dissemination within the Lorraine competitively clusters and enterprises.

Existing systems for cartography are based on up-down approach. In this approach, the experts define the ontologies that capture the knowledge of the enterprises and research centers. Some administrators can then instantiate these ontologies. In these systems, the user and the developer of the ontologies are different and evolving the ontologies is a very hard task. In this project, we want to apply the principal of Web 2.0 to cartography of the different skills in an organization. We want to deploy a peer-to-peer semantic wiki as an infrastructure for this purpose. In this context, each laboratory and each enterprise have their own semantic wiki. These semantic wikis contain the cartography of the enterprise or laboratory skills. The employees of the organization add these skills in a cooperative way. The knowledge bases will be augmented progressively by the contribution of each participant. And the organization can communicate and exchange their knowledge bases with other organization. The first step of the project is to experiment our ideas in the context of research laboratories then we conduct another experience in the enterprises.

This project is labeled MSH 2009.

WikiSem Project

Participants : Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli.


The participants of the project are: ECOO and Orpailleur teams.

WikiSem: A semantic wiki for knowledge management in case-based reasoning systems ( )..

This is an operation funded by the CPER MISN (Modeling, Information System and Numeric) of the TALC (Natural Language Processing and Knowledge) laboratory. Taaable is a case-based reasoning system to adapt Kitchen recipes. In Taaable editing the knowledge base is tedious and the feedback of the users is not managed. The objective of the project is to manage Taaable knowledge in a semantic wiki to allow the users and reasoning engine to edit the knowledge bases. This original combination helps to support the opportunistic knowledge acquisition.

In this project, we built WikiTaaable systems. The results of this project are published in  [15] , [21] . WikiTaaable is the vice-champion of the CCC Computer Cooking Contest ( ) which took place in July at Seattle, USA.


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