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Section: Software

QualiPSo Factory: Next Generation Forge

Participants : Pascal Molli [ contact ] , Gérald Oster, Jérôme Blanchard, Christophe Bouthier.

The QualiPSo-Factory ( ) is a next generation forge based on Service Oriented Architecture developed within the Qualipso European Project ( ). Forges transform foreigners into collaborators, sometimes into developers. Forges are online services that allow instantiation, composition and management of collaborative services. Traditionally, provided collaborative services are version control systems, issue trackers, forums, mailing lists or wikis. In the framework of the european QualiPSo project, we are designing and implementing the next generation of forges. It aims to a factory framework which allows to ease collaboration between forge users and allows developers to easily integrates new collaborative services. Our proposal relies on a software oriented architecture (SOA) and thereby allows composition of services. The current architecture provides core services such as security, notification, indexation, composition and naming which are externalized to other collaborative services.


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