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Section: Software

LibreSource: Services for Hosting Virtual Teams

Participants : Pascal Molli [ contact ] , Jérôme Blanchard, François Charoy, Claude Godart, Gérald Oster.

LibreSource allows a virtual team to organize and its participants to cooperate. Its objective is in the vein of BSCW and SourceForge, but with an original object sharing model where copy convergence is based on the operational transformation approach which provides for a safe and generic synchronizer. In other words, LibreSource is not restricted to the synchronization of source code, but can apply to any type of data (XML for example) if the corresponding transformation operations are provided.

Another innovative point is the fact that the synchronizer can be distributed on several sites, thus providing for the modeling of (hierarchically organized) processes.

LibreSource also integrates traditional services for object sharing, communication, task management and group awareness.

LibreSource is implemented on a J2EE application server. It is available on Jonas.


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