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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

ECOO is interested in the development of cooperative, distributed, and process-aware Web Information Systems.

An Information System (IS) is a particular type of work system that uses information technology to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, or display information, thereby supporting one or more work systems.

The advent of the web 2.0 has pushed new IS applications as electronic commerce, collaborative editing, e-learning, e-engineering, etc. A common characteristic of such applications is to be more cooperative, i.e. more human-centered, more creative by nature, and implicating more subtle machine mediated interactions, than traditionally.

Such applications are also distributed in space (people work in different locations), in time (people work at different time) and they cross organizational barriers, making difficult their coordination and crucial the problems of privacy and trust.

The ECOO objective is to support such applications. The work is organized in two main streams.

  1. The axis entitled Process Engineering is interested in process-aware information systems that manage and execute operational processes involving people, applications, and information sources on the basis of process models. This includes integrating business processes with Web technologies and increasing the flexibility of existing process models to support creative cooperative applications.

  2. The axis entitled Collaborative Distributed Systems is concerned with the development of collaborative systems but with a scientific focus on data consistency in peer to peer architectures. Interactions between these two axes are mainly governed by shared issues, especially on awareness, coordination, and privacy and security management.

Privileged applications in our target are creative cooperative applications such as cooperative editing, collaborative knowledge building, service orchestration, in various domains such as Software Engineering, e-Commerce, e-Learning, Architecture-Engineering-Construction. It is a strategic objective for us to develop software and to experiment it “outside the laboratory”.


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