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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ManageYourSelf: diagnosis and monitoring of embedded platforms

Participants : Marie-Odile Cordier, Xavier Le Guillou, Sophie Robin, Laurence Rozé.


ManageYourSelf is a project that deals with the diagnosis and monitoring of embedded platforms, in the framework of a collaboration with Telelogos, a French company expert in mobile management and data synchronization. ManageYourSelf aims to perform diagnostics and repairs on a fleet of mobile smartphones and PDAs. The idea is to integrate on the mobile devices a small expert system and a knowledge base containing a set of rules, for example "if memory full 'then delete (directory). At regular intervals the recognition is performed, using the parameters of the phones as the fact base. Of course, it is impossible to foresee all the rules in advance. Upon detection of a non anticipated problem, a report containing all the system's information prior to the problem will be sent to a server. In the longer term aim is to develop on the server a module capable of learning from the reports of all the phones and able to generate new rules.


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