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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ACCASYA : Supporting the agro ecological evolution of breeding systems in coastal watersheds

Participants : Marie-Odile Cordier, Véronique Masson, Christine Largouët.


The Accasya project (ACcompagner l'évolution Agro-écologique deS SYstèmes d'élevage dans les bassins versants côtiers) is funded by ANR/ADD and started at the beginning of 2009. The main partners are our colleagues from Inra (Sas from Rennes. One of the objectives is to develop modelling tools supporting the management of ecosystems, and more precisely the agro ecological evolution of breeding systems in coastal watersheds. In this context, the challenge is to transform existing simulation tools (as Sacadeau or TNT2 into decision-aid tools, able to answer queries or scenarios about the future evolution of ecosystems.

We are also involved in a PSDR GO (programmes de recherche "Pour et Sur le Développement Régional Grand Ouest") project, named Climaster that started in 2009. Our participation in this project is planned in 2011. For the moment, we participate to the general meetings and discuss the main scientific orientations to be ready to start.


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