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Section: Software

LogAnalyzer : a workbench for analyzing log streams

LogAnalyzer is an experimental workbench for validating our scientific results on adaptive intrusion detection [19] . This software offers two possible uses: off-line and interactive computation of intrusion diagnosis, and on-line intrusion detection dedicated to the processing of massive data streams.

The software is organized in three layers:

The adaptive diagnosis layer is not dedicated to Apache HTTP logs processing. This layer is stand alone and can be easily instantiated to other kinds of streams of structured data. A multi-threaded framework organizes multi-diagnosers and meta-diagnoser processing and adaptations triggering. The concrete implementations of diagnosers are components of an application layer dedicated to a specific kind of data stream.

The GUI the software provides several applicative features:

The software has been developed in C++/Qt4 and is still under improvement. The following website is devoted to the presentation of the LogAnalyzer : .


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