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Section: Software

CarDeCRS and Matrac : two chronicle-based distributed diagnosis platforms

Participants : Xavier Le Guillou, Laurence Rozé [ Correspondant ] .

CarDeCRS [71] and Matrac are two generic diagnosis platforms which have been developed within the DREAM project.

Those platforms aim at monitoring complex systems, thanks to specifically designed distributed chronicles. Their goal is to establish an end-to-end system, acting from the acquisition of the chronicles to the final diagnosis, with no need for extra software.

The implementation mainly relies on a chronicle recognition system called CRS, developed by C. Dousson and his team, from France Telecom Recherche & Developpement Lannion (for the diagnosis part), and an RMI/multithreaded based environment (for the low level part).

The main difference between those two approaches reflects the potentially dynamic aspect of the system to monitor:

The platforms were experimented in the framework of the WS-Diamond European project for monitoring web services between 2005 and 2008. New perspectives for those platforms consist in:


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