Team Distribcom

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Dissemination

Visits and invitations

C. Jard gave an invited talk on symbolic concurrent semantics of safe Petri nets in the Dagstuhl Seminar on Design and Validation of Concurrent Systems, August 30, 2009, Germany.

B. Genest spent two weeks in February 2009 in Singapore (NUS) to work with P.S. Thiagarajan.

A. Benveniste, C. Jard and S. Rosario spent one week in February 2009 in Austin to work with J. Misra and W. Cook about some QoS aspects in ORC and its partial order instrumented semantics.

L. Jézéquel spent the first two weeks of November at the NICTA (National Information and Communication Technologies institute of Australia, Canberra, Australia) to perform experiments on distributed planning with P. Haslum and S. Thiebaux.


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