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Scientific animation

A. Benveniste is associated editor at large (AEAL) for the journal IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control . He is member of the Strategic Advisory Council of the Institute for Systems Research, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, USA. This year, he has been in the program committee of the conference WS-FM. A. Benveniste is president of the Scientific Committee of the Joint Bell Labs INRIA Laboratory . The lab organizes bi-yearly seminars with progress reports and keynotes by key engineers from Alcatel-Lucent. A. Benveniste has also co-organized, jointly with Philippe Jacquet, the Second joint BellLabs-INRIA workshop on the Fundamentals of Communication Networks and sErvices.(Only facts related to the activities of DistribCom team are mentioned. Other roles or duties concern the S4 or Sisthem teams, to which A. Benveniste also belongs.)

E. Fabre is associate editor (AE) for the journal IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control . He gave a plenary address at the first joint INRIA-Bell Labs workshop on the "Fundamentals of Communications and Networks," Murray Hill, June 1-2, 2009. Together with Pierre Peloso (Alcatel-Lucent), he presented a demo of the DOBLIN software prototype (Distributed Optimal Balancing of LIght in photonic Networks) during the Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Innovation Days, June 1-5, 2009. He has been member of the Program Committee of DX'09 (Int. Workshop on the Principles of Diagnosis).

B. Genest is an elected member of the Comité National de la Rercherche Scientifique for 2008-2012.

C. Jard has been in 2009 member of the Program Committee of the following international conferences: FORMATS, NOTERE, FMOODS/FORTE. He is also member of the editorial board of the Annales des Télécommunications and the steering committee of MSR series of conferences. C. Jard supervises a CNRS national transverse program on formal approaches for embedded systems (AFSEC). C. Jard is the director of the research of its Brittany extension (director of the pluridisciplinary institute called the Hubert Curien Research College). He is member of the scientific council of the European University of Brittany. He is expert of the AERES, the national evaluation agency and expert for the French ministry of research, he has also served as an expert in several programs of the ANR. In 2009, C. Jard was reviewer of the PhD thesis of T. Q. Tran (University of Bordeaux) and L.-M. Traonouez (University of Nantes) and member of the PhD Committees of A. Degorre (University of Grenoble), N. Sznajder (ENS Cachan) and S. Rosario (University of Rennes).

Loïc Hélouët is co-reporter at ITU for the question 17 on MSC language. Loïc is also the co-organizer (together with S. Pinchinat (S4), D. Cachera (Celtique) and N. Bertrand (Vertecs) ) of the 68NQRT, a weekly seminar of IRISA on software, theory of computing, discrete mathematics in relation to computer science and artificial intelligence. He is the coordinator for the DST associated team between Rennes, the National University of Singapore, and two computer science institutes in Chennai. He is a member of GROLO, a working group on the evaluation of softwares at INRIA. He is also a member of the working group for international relations in the scientific orientation council of INRIA.


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