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Section: Other Grants and Activities


Participants : Eric Fabre, Albert Benveniste, Claude Jard, Anne Bouillard, Carole Hounkonnou.

Research Action "High Manageability", hosted by the common research laboratory of Alcatel-Lucent-Bell Labs and INRIA. June 2008 - June 2011.

This research group involves three INRIA teams, DistribCom, Madynes (O. Festor, INRIA Lorraine), and Mascotte (J.-C. Bermond) who joined the group recently in 2009. On the Alcatel-Lucent side, 5 persons of the PTI group (Packet Transport Infrastructure) are involved. It is jointly headed by P. Peloso (ALU, in replacement of M. Vigoureux) and E. Fabre (INRIA). The objective is to contribute to the autonomic networking trend, that is to design telecommunication networks that would be programmed by objectives, with minimal human operations, and that would then adapt themselves in order to reach these objectives. More specifically, this covers both the architectural and the algorithmic aspects of self-management methodologies. The activity is organised around several case-studies and working groups. In 2009, the team brought to maturity an activity about the optimal power allocation to wavelengths in photonic (meaning optically routed) networks, and worked on the problem of organization tasks for network maintenance with minimal service disruption, which corresponds to the starting PhD of Carole Hounkonnou.

The activities of HiMa also cover security issues for VOIP (studied by Madynes), and network defragmentation issues (studied by Mascotte), that is the joint optimization of connection paths for both the IP and the photonic layers. This represents a total of four PhD theses. In 2009, this group actively contributed to the preparation of "UniverSelf," an FP7 IP proposal led by ALU-Bell Labs, that aims at gathering the most significant teams in Europe dealing with autonomic networking.


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