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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Associated team DST

Participants : Loïc Hélouët, Blaise Genest, Thomas Gazagnaire, Anne Bouillard.

DST : Distributed systems, Supervision and Time.

Associated Team INRIA-NUS-Chennai — 2009-2011

This associated team is a collaboration with the National University of Singapore, Chennai Mathematical Institute and Institute for Mathematical Science in Chennai, and also involves members of the S4 team. The main research theme is to study supervision and time issues in distributed systems with the help of concurrency models, which follows and extend the work done in the former associated team CASDS. Two application areas are targeted: Real-time embedded systems and telecommunications systems and services. Although very different in nature, both areas make fundamental use of models of concurrency. Several types of formal models are considered: scenario languages, communicating automata and Petri-nets. More specifically, we work together on the following problems:

Two long versions of paper we wrote two and three years ago have been accepted then published to top journals this year [13] , [11] , one considering the minimal control. On quantitative aspects of time, [21] have been published in a conference. Loic Helouet and Philippe Darondeau visited in Chennai in January for 10 days, spending time at a Indo French Workshop. Blaise Genest visited Singapore for 2 weeks in February, spending time at SinFra (Singapore-French) conference. Loic Helouet and Blaise Genest are going to visit NUS in early december. We received the visit of several PhD students from Chennai, S. Akshay in july for a week and Paul Soumya in November for 2 weeks. We also hired an intern from India in the summer working on implementing a tool to compute mean throughput of probabilistic and timed distributed system through simulation.


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